Eton Capital is the trading name of Eton Capital Limited a Private Limited company registered in England & Wales with central offices in London having representation in India and New York.

Eton Capital’s ethos, philosophy and competitive advantages are derived from our thorough understanding and involvement in sustainable Power/Energy, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Hospitality. Alignment of project funding from throughout the globe.

Our highly experienced team differentiates our capabilities into a ‘one stop shop’ for all our client’s needs.

  • Eton Capital provides deal origination, International Investment Banking and throughout Energy, Infrastructure, Mining, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Real Estate.
  • Eton Capital’s competitive advantage lies within its ability to originate carboncredit- based deals from around the developing world by leveraging an extensive ‘rolodex’ of high ranking government officials and industry leaders.
  • Eton Capital targets ‘green’ projects that generate carbon credit revenue streams.
  • Eton Capital’s strategy is to use extensive industry knowledge to pre-qualify viable Opportunities